What the F$ck Does Window Shopping Have to Do w/ Self-Care?

keenah armitage Aug 31, 2019

Did you know that September is Self Care Month?!  IKR?!......My first thoughts when I heard that September is the self-care month, were 1. Final-fuckin-ly.  Self-care is an important dammit.  And then, 2.  It’s kinda sad that we need a dedicated month to remind us to make well being a priority. 

So what exactly is self-care?  It’s sorta become a buzzword these days.  I thought I’d start by sharing my understanding of self-care.

Self-care is ANY activity you do ON PURPOSE to ensure your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well being.  On purpose is the key, in my opinion. 

Let me show you exactly what I mean.  Yesterday started off so shitty for me.  I was letting my negative paradigm take the reigns. When “Worrisome Wanda” and “Freak-out Fran” are in control, life is shitty.  I worry about the future. I worry about money BIG TIME.  I just worry.   I freak out about not having all the answers and instead of being excited about life, I feel frantic, worried, and scared for my basic survival.  If I’m being honest, my negative paradigm had a grip on me for a few days, not just yesterday.  I just had this underlying feeling of impending doom.  It just felt so real and at that moment I felt so powerless. 

Interesting thing is, and maybe you can relate, when I get like that, I NEVER want to do the things I know to do to get back into alignment.  I usually go into “needing” to do more.  “Needing” to be busier.  And then…….

I took a deep breath and heard a gentle whisper from within guiding me to listen to an Abraham Hicks recording on YouTube.  As luck (aka Source) would have it, I was guided to the EXACT message I needed to hear that would IMMEDIATELY snap my ass back into the truth of who I REALLY am. 

Abe said, (I’m paraphrasing), “What you want is what’s in your Vortex to come to you when you’re ready for it”.   Yup that is EXACTLY what I want, Abe!  Then she said, “Well this conversation is really about you being upset that you’re not ready for what you want because if you were ready for what you want you’d already have it.  GULP! 🤬

Then she said exactly what was running thru my mind.  “No, I’m ready now.  Seriously I’m ready.  I couldn’t be more ready than now.  I’m ready.”  Of course, the audience laughed and I laughed while standing in my kitchen making my bulletproof coffee.  Then she summed it up by saying, “You want a little more????”  “Then chill a little more”. She repeated it.  “You want a little more????”  “Then chill a little more”

And that’s when I got slapped back into reality.  I was NOT chillin.  I was doing the total opposite of chilling.  I was stressing.  I was fighting and pushing.  I was trying to be even busier hoping that the answers would come from doing more.  From more hard work.  (Can you relate?).  THANK GOD, I heard Abe’s message so I sat down to ‘chill a little more’.  I got quiet for a moment and asked my higher self “what do I need RIGHT NOW to feel good?”.   And here are the inspired answers I received in A FLASH! 

1.    Go to South Coast Plaza!!!

2.    Take the new luxury car you just bought and go to the mall!  Say what now??  🤷🏾♀️

3.   Go buy some new lip gloss 💄 👄 you’ve been wanting to go but have been denying yourself that simple pleasure because of a belief that it was too frivolous a purchase right now. 

4.    Go window-shopping to see what’s out there, check-in with your personal style and just see what you love

5.    Don’t look at price tags 🚫.  Just look at what you love ❤️❤️❤️.

So I did.  I went to SCP.  I started at Bloomies because I love their jewelry.  I asked to see a David Yurman blue topaz ring.  Ooh, la la! 

Then I went to the Mac store to replenish my dazzle glass.  After that, I went into Harry Winston, Ralph Lauren, Wolford, Club Monaco, Jimmy Choo, & Swarovski.  Basically?! My #soulmission was to look at things just to see if I loved them or not regardless of the price. It felt so goooooood!  And it was so fun.  

What I know to be true is when you follow your bliss, the Universe (aka Source) will give you signs that you’re on the right path.  For example, when I was in Ralph Lauren George Michael’s “Freedom” was playing.  It just made me smile because I knew that was a gift for me.  It was such a sweet reminder from Source to always ‘Follow My Bliss’ and for me bliss is FREEDOM!  

Then I left.   I went home. 

I was there for only an hour.  My mood was instantly lifted by honoring my soul’s desires by going WINDOW SHOPPING!?!?!?! And….I made it back in time to coach one of my AMAZING 1:1 clients.  I so was filled up. Happy. Aligned.  As a result, I was totally there and fully present for my high-level coaching session. 

The thing I want to impress upon you the most is that at first, it seemed so silly and immature of me to go to the damn mall for some lipgloss and window shopping in the middle of the day when I “should” be working. AND….. I almost didn’t go because it felt so ridiculous and almost embarrassing.  But……..

I’m glad I went.  It was exactly what I needed.

 And that, my love, was my act of self-care. 

Much love and abundance,

Keenah 💋


PS.  I’m so excited to announce that my team and I are doing a 5-day Self-care challenge starting September 9th on IG!  Can’t wait to have you join me. 

PPS. I’m curious, do you have a “silly and embarrassing” self-care act that you want to share with me?  I’d love to hear about it.  Xoxo


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