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I can show you how to gain more confidence and clarity
so that you take your performing career to the next level.

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Perhaps you believe that being a successful performing artist is meant to be arduous, fleeting, and hard. Or maybe you feel that your days as an artist are numbered and that you’re all washed up?

Or…. That it’s perfectly normal to:

✨ live a life where you’re just barely able to afford little more than your basic needs?

✨ get SEVERELY underpaid for roles you book despite your extensive talent, good looks, dedication and training

✨ have to “pay your dues” until someone deems you worthy of more

Instead of booking fabulous gigs on Broadway, landing that dream role in that HBO series, and living lavishly, you’re stuck, playing small, stressed-out over that dwindling balance in your bank acct, and seriously contemplating if now’s the time to move on to Plan B:

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Yes! Gimme my teaser!
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 But WHAT IF I told you that life as a performing artist doesn’t have to be that DRAINING and 
Starving Artist Syndrome is completely curable so that you can get off of the hamster wheel and break the perpetual cycle of misery that you may have found yourself experiencing.

Instead, you could be living the lifestyle of your dreams with just a little focus.

The industry wants you to believe that being a starving artist
is a badge of honor and just the natural cycle of things.

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the natural cycle to what, though?

As much as they want you to believe that you have no choice in the matter. The truth is,

my love it’s completely in your power.

It just takes greater awareness, a little courage, and some inspired action in the right places.

If that sounds like you or someone you know then I’m inviting you to take a sneak peek into Saboteur! 
My digital coffee table book that takes a deeper dive into the 7 sneaky ways that talented performing artists like you, are secretly sabotaging their performance careers and staying stuck in the starving artist mindset.

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You can get your hands on this preview for FREE when you download it now!

I NEED my Sneak Peek!
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Have you fully considered that wearing your starving artist syndrome like a badge of honor could all just be an excuse to stay in victimhood and give away your power as the masterful, talented, well-trained artist you are? 

So many of us have been conditioned to think that when things get tough and it doesn’t feel like enough, it’s all too easy to say,

"Well, that's just the way it has to be." 



OR are you allowing others to spoon-feed you tainted, false, and extremely limiting beliefs?

Sometimes, the Starving Artist syndrome can be so all-consuming that it feels like an addiction, keeping you trapped, wanting, and struggling.

They want you out there hustling & grindin’, busting your ass every day,

just to wind up with what feels like everybody else’s leftovers.

They want you to second guess your talent and whether you’re really cut out to be a Netflix regular. 

They want you to feel like you’re just too old, irrelevant, and washed up. Your time has passed and maybe now it’s time to give up the dream.

Have you ever asked yourself if the Starving Artist syndrome shows up in YOUR life or if it’s serving you?


Is living a life settling for crumbs and accepting so little that you barely even meet your basic human needs really why you set out to be an artist? Does feeling bogged down by life’s responsibilities day after day sound like your dream life?

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Perhaps is it the very thing that’s been keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel so that you can’t find the way out?

Cuz the hard truth is if you don’t have the career you know you’re meant for I can pretty much guarantee that one or more of these sneaky ways has infiltrated your psyche.

It’s painful to see less talented artists crushing it.

  It’s probably why you keep asking yourself, When is it my turn? 

When do I get asked to take a seat at "the table"?

I'm ready for it!
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Maybe it’s time we build our own damn table.  

Deep down you know you haven’t even scratched the surface of your true potential and are ready to stop leaving it up to chance. 

You know you’re ready to intentionally cultivate your legacy and step into the life you were born for.

You are Well Trained! You are POWERFUL! You are LOYAL!

You deserve to live your ideal life on and offstage!

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The crumbs are NOT good enough for you… you deserve the whole pie!

And it’s time to unapologetically take a stand for your future and seize your dream lifestyle.

Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “Uh uh, Keenah. That’s not me at all. I’m a WORKING ARTIST.” 

That’s awesome… but take a moment and fully consider what your life looks and feels like when you’re THRIVING.

Imagine the possibilities, imagine the projects you’re raking in, the relationships you’ve cultivated, the artistry, the fun, and the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of (because let’s face it, lifestyle matters). 

The unfortunate reality is that you can be a successful, working artist and STILL not come anywhere close to maximizing your true potential.

And if you take a moment to think about what I’m saying you probably already know it’s true.


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 It almost always comes down to these 7 sneaky and insidious ways that cause The Starving Artist Syndrome. And when I say they’re sneaky and insidious, I mean it. These suckers can be there just lurking under the surface and sabotaging your dreams, hard work, and goals without you even realizing it. 


That’s exactly why I created Saboteur!. And you can get your sneak peek for FREE!

YES! I'm ready to thrive!
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Saboteur! Is a beautifully-designed digital coffee table book for talented professional performing artists who find themselves struggling to break free of the rat race of life. This Saboteur! the snippet is for you if:

✨ live a life where you’re just barely able to afford little more than your basic needs?

✨ You desire more in life than what you currently have. Think big!

✨ You’re doing a whole lot of “Hustlin’”, “Grindin’”, and “Workin’ Hard” but you still haven’t been able to crack the secret code so that you can take your life and artistry to the next level.

✨ You’re done settling for way less than what you KNOW you want and need so that you can thrive on and off stage and do more than just solve for your basic needs.

✨ You find yourself feeling jealous of your more successful friends

✨ You’re questioning whether you’re actually cut out for this life and are ready to become the master of your own fate.

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This sneak peek is NOT for you if:

✨ You’ve already reached your maximum potential and have everything your beautiful self desires.

✨ You’re not comfortable getting real with yourself and doing the work to grow. 

✨ The idea of being a starving artist lights you up inside and you’re satisfied with never achieving more.

✨ Like not taking responsibility for your purpose, artistry, and happiness

✨ You thrive in victimhood by whining & blaming other people and circumstances for all your problems.

CONGRATULATIONS if that sounds like you… but I sincerely doubt it resonates. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that performing artists are meant for more! Even if you are a working artist I know you’re still craving a bigger more meaningful life! That’s just who we are!

Absolutely, Sign me Up!

This Saboteur! Intro Is POWERFUL! Here’s What You’ll Learn:


✨ You’ve already reached your maximum potential and have everything your beautiful self desires. Discover how deep the vein of the Starving Artist Syndrome runs with yours truly, Keenah Armitage, so that you can identify this syndrome in yourself and kick it to the curb.

✨ The first of the 7 sneaky ways you’re sabotaging your performance career is keeping you in that oh-so limiting starving artist mindset so that you can finally get to work on your growth and expansion.

✨ How to recognize that this first sneaky way is squashing your potential and preventing you fom manifesting your dream life so that you can start seeing the success you desire & deserve.

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Imagine for a moment that you’ve reclaimed your power and artistry and are finally THRIVING! You’re attracting meaningful projects with more ease and flow. 

 You’ve dropped the limiting beliefs that have kept you overworked and underpaid and have stepped into your true essence and potential as an artist and You no longer accept less than what you know you deserve and desire. 

“Dancin’ for grandma” is a thing of the past.  

It doesn’t even feel like hard work anymore because you’re in the flow, you LOVE what you do and it feels like you're always in the right place and time to make your dreams a reality. You’ve found a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment that lights you up, turns you on, and curls your toes.

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My Love, you can have that.  You just have to be willing to break free of the limiting BS beliefs that this industry has fed you.  

It’s time to give a big “HELL YES!” to your future and THRIVE dahling! 

This sneak peek into Saboteur! is your starting point.

GIMME my Sneak Peek!
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