CONFESSION: I've Been Lying To You

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2019


I’ve been MIA from my email list for a while now (FB page, FB group, IG, LinkedIn etc etc). The reality is, I was not being my true authentic self but I wasn’t aware it.  All I knew is something just didn’t feel right for me to show up consistently.  I would post, do videos, create programs with lots of vigor and then BAM.  I would go into hiding.  Everything felt like hard work.  I often caught myself saying “creating this program was like pushing a boulder up a mountain”.  NOT GOOD!   ​​  


I honestly couldn’t figure outwhy I wasn’t showing up online with my business with any consistently.  I love and adore my clients.  They do great work and get GREAT results but…..I also knew that I didn’t want to engage online, create content, write blog posts or give out stupid “Smart girl’s guide to rocking out your life” free tips and tools.   I would rather do pretty much anything other than doing that shit.  I even went as far as hiring a team of people to do it for me.  Guess what?  That didn’t work either and here’s why.

I felt like a FRAUD and an IMPOSTER. Yep, I said it.

Thing is...while I love to talk “smart girl’s guide” strategy and quarterly metrics, I’m not really a business or success coach for performers. Don’t get me wrong—I can do and still do all that stuff, and I do it VERY well, but I’m so much more! TRULY at my core, I am a spiritual thought leader and mindset coach for HIGH ACHIEVING performing artists who are on the RISE!  

I love to talk about God & the Universe, understanding how to apply and truly ROCK OUT the 12 immutable Universal Laws to your life AND PERFORMING CAREER!  How to connect to your true soul calling as a performer.  How to be an aligned artist instead of a starving artist.  

The Mind! Oh god, I love to talk about how the mind works. It’s fascinating and quite honestly the beginning and ending to all levels of success, fulfillment, and wealth as well as the beginning and ending to failure, depression, anxiety, and fear. 

I looooooooove love love to talk about stepping into your higher self.  That part of you that is perfect.  That part of you that knows only about receiving LAVISH amounts of money, living a 1st class red carpet life, and fully being your 💯 authentic SOUL-ALIGNED self. The topics my clients and I dive into are powerful! They're transformative. And...I never tire of any of it.  

Here is what I know to be 100% the truth. You can have all the training, all the techniques, all the looks, the perfect body, the biggest and best quarterly plan with rock-solid strategy and STILL not book work and make money. I know PLENTY of people like that. People who are the total package on paper, and who are under-earning and underemployed. Don’t you?  

It is because of their mindset. It’s all of these habitual thoughts and beliefs keeping them stuck month after month, year after year. It’s what they think about themselves, how they value their talents, what their relationship is with money, and The Universe. It’s those nasty insidious broken records of self-doubt that loop repeatedly in their subconscious mind. That’s where I come in. I help you shift your paradigm, your beliefs, and perception of life so that you can act on the quarterly plan. So that you can nail those auditions or write that screenplay.  

If all of this seems new to you, have no fear. I never got any of this stuff either. Even when I was Broadway. Nada.   I’ve always been a seeker, a big ideas person, a dreamer. Sometimes (let's be real, a lot of times) that description of me wasn’t such a positive thing. There are some people who genuinely love me who have been waiting a lifetime for me to “grow up “and be someone I will never be. I will never be a person who follows the status quo. I’ve tried...several times. It just doesn’t work. I will always be a rule breaker! A disruptor.  

I am a visionary. That’s who I am through and through. In fact, if I unpack this concept even more, I would say my Soul called and I said yes. Yes to discovering my truth, stepping into my GREATNESS, yes to fully showing up in the world and yes to being the messenger and not the editor of My Divine Calling.  


I am here to empower as many professional performers as possible to CLAIM their personal power, live an extraordinary life, and leave a legendary legacy. It starts with me. It starts by showing up for MYSELF first by being soul-aligned, doing soul-aligned work, and having soul-aligned desires manifest all the while taking a stand for you to do the same. I commit myself to always stepping into my power, ALWAYS living an extraordinary life, and leaving a powerful legendary legacy that only I can live. 

That’s my truth. That’s my soul’s calling. I inspire! I educate! I enlighten! I empower! And... I’m so fuckin’ good at it, too. That’s my superpower! My “Zone of Genius.” ​​


My community is full of MASTER ARTISTS. True masters. Actors, singers, dancers, composers, musicians, directors, choreographers, musical directors, set designers, costume designers, Masters who are READY, and committed to taking FULL responsibility for their happiness, fulfillment, wealth and artistry.  Masters who are determined to discover what it means to craft their lives by design.  If this sounds like something u can ‘git wit’, then I invite you to stick around and JOIN the conversation. Doesn't sound like your cup of tea?  I get it.  I'm not for everyone.  With all the love in my heart, I kindly ask you that you EXIT STAGE LEFT, PLEASE.   

This space is dedicated to those of us looking to break free of the status quo shackles, create some fantastic art, make a lot of fucking money and smash the bullshit made-up rules. Free minds, free artistry!   

Much love and abundance,

Keenah 💋


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