Stop Starving Your Artistry, Abundance & Ambitions:  

Learn the 7 Sneaky Sabotaging Patterns Holding You Back From Success.


Ready to break free from the cycles that have been holding you back as an artist, even if you didn't realize you were the victim of the "starving artist syndrome"?

Let me show you how to gain the awareness, tools, and strategies you need to effortlessly elevate your performing career to new heights.

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Veronika Olah 

"I have tried everything by myself and I can say this way is better and more enjoyable.

I no longer feel like a desperate, starving artist who has to suffer to succeed.

The world of an artist is supposed to be fun and joyful and I finally feel like that again thanks to the work I’ve done with Keenah"


In Saboteur! Coffee Table Book, You'll Discover:

How deeply ingrained the vein of the Starving Artist Syndrome runs within the industry as a whole.


✨How you’re unknowingly sabotaging your performance career, keeping you small and in that oh-so limiting starving artist mindset.


✨How to identify this syndrome in yourself so that you can kick it to the curb once and for all.


How to become more aware of the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that have been squashing your potential and preventing you from manifesting your dream life. 


✨How to finally acquire the growth and personal expansion you need so that you can achieve the success you deserve and desire.

FREE Digital Coffee Table Book

Have you fully considered that you too are suffering from the Starving Artist syndrome and you don’t even realize it?

Get your Ebook and Discover the 7 Sneaky ways you could be a starving artist without knowing it.



The Starving Artist Syndrome can be cured. 

But WHAT IF...

I told you that It’s okay to want to get off of the hamster wheel of life and to break the perpetual cycle of suffering and misery that you may or may not have found yourself experiencing. That life as a performing artist doesn’t have to be overwhelming and DRAINING?  

The sad truth is the old guard in our industry wants you to believe that being a starving artist... the ultimate badge of honor and the natural cycle of life.  They also want you to believe that you have no say or choice in the matter. 

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The truth is,

my love is that having the life and career you want is completely and 100% in your power.

It starts with greater awareness, a little courage, and some inspired action in the right places to get things moving and that is what SAboteur! is 


My digital coffee table book takes a look into the 7 sneaky ways that talented performing artists like you, are secretly and unknowingly sabotaging your performing careers and staying stuck and playing small with little to no payoff.


Imagine instead, that you could be living the lifestyle of your dreams with just a few tweaks.

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Who this Teaser is for?


Saboteur! Is a beautifully-designed digital coffee table book for talented professional performing artists who find themselves struggling to break free of the rat race of life. This Saboteur! the snippet is for you if:

Live a life where you’re just barely able to afford little more than your basic needs

You desire more in life than what you currently have.

Think big!

You’re doing a whole lot of “Hustlin’”, “Grindin’”, and “Workin’ Hard” but you still haven’t been able to crack the secret code so that you can take your life and artistry to the next level.

Who this Teaser is not for:

You’ve already reached your maximum potential and have everything you’ve ever desires.

You’re not comfortable getting real with yourself and doing what it takes to grow and evolve both onstage and off.

The idea of being a starving artist lights you up inside and you’re satisfied with never achieving more.

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Well, CONGRATULATIONS if that sounds like you... I mean, who wouldn't want to be stuck in that cycle forever, right?  

But let's be real, I sincerely doubt it resonates with anyone who's serious about being a masterful, working artist. 

 If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that artists are meant for more!  

Wouldn’t you agree that even if you are a working artist, I know you’re still craving a bigger, more meaningful life! That’s just who we are!

Saboteur! Is POWERFUL!

And Here for you! 

FREE Digital Coffee Table Book

Get your Digital Coffee Table Book and Discover the 7 Sneaky ways you could be a starving artist without knowing it.