Wave Your GEEK Flag: Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day

keenah armitage Jul 13, 2019

Today was Embrace Your Geekness Day! In honor of this special day, I thought I’d wave my freak flag high up in the air and tell you about what I geek out on!

1. I love to garden. I don’t consider myself an expert gardener, but I enjoy growing my own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It just makes everyday dishes taste SO MUCH better.


2. I geek out on traveling!!!! I especially love #roadtrippin! Seriously, I love nothing more than to hop in the car and head to any one of our national parks. They are so spectacular and I love to enjoy nature. Right now, my favorite park is Zion!

A little secret……When we moved to California, I decided to make the start of our new life into an adventure by taking my kids (all by myself) on a cross country road trip from Austin to Orange County. We went through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Along the way we hit several national parks and monuments. Our country is AH AMAZINGLY beautiful. 

3. I love social dancing! I go social dancing at least twice a week. My favorite styles right now are Balboa, Bachata, and Salsa. I always say social dancing puts a smile on my heart. 


4. I am a total spiritual GEEK! I love all things spirituality. I can talk about The Universe, Universal Laws, divine guidance, higher self, and intuition all day long! When I discovered and APPLIED this information to my life, everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) changed for the better.

5. Lastly, I geek out on having fun. It sounds simple and you might say to yourself, “Duh Who doesn’t like to have fun?” My motto is, “If we ain’t having fun, what the hell is the point?” For the longest time, I used to make myself wrong for putting fun first. People would say to me, “When are you going to grow up?” But….. having fun and laughing are my guiding principles. I really try to approach everything I do in life from the lens of, “Will this be fun?!?” 

And there you have it.  My Geekness list. I’m sure I could go on and on, but this is a beautiful start. 

So, my love…….what is on your Geekness list? Hit that reply button. You know I love it when I hear from you.  

With Love & Abundance,

Keenah 💋

PS.  As we speak, I’m currently on the Amtrak heading to Washington, DC for a few days.  #DoYouBoo! #Ihavewanderlust


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